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The monthly challenges are a paid, private support group that include a wide list of services to help support your pre/post natal journey, whether it be weight loss, weight gain, maintaining your weight and just getting healthier!

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Having a partner in the process of your monthly challenge can be imperative to your success! This allows them to have a plan of identical items of their own, calculated to their goals and their needs! Please see the product description for more info on which would be right for them!

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Archived Plans are meal plans we have retired. This means from previous challenge groups for returners to use that may  have missed the upcoming groups! You must have done a previous group to purchase this!
Adjusted Plans are much like your adjustment request- outside of the group's timeline. 

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Give the gift of wellness.
Purchase for yourself or for a loved one. These digital gift cards can be purchased at any denomination and instantly delivered!

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We offer resistance bands, clothing, workout gear, mugs and more!

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