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You purchased, now what?

1. Message our Facebook Business Page, “Milky Fitness LLC” your order number - This also includes the Spouse Add on, with group option!

*Be mindful- IF you search "Milky Fitness" in your messenger- it WILL default you to Instagram- do NOT do this. Go to the LLC Facebook page directly and hit message. If you do not get an auto response- we have NOT received your order number.

2. Once you message the Milky Fitness LLC Page, you likely will get an automated reply.
IF you can't find your order number in the email or on screen after purchase, you STILL need to message us and provide us with the email address and name of purchaser so we can manually pull your order number and provide it to you! You need it to request to join your accountability group!

3. What you need to know:

Once we confirm your order number, you will get an additional message and formal confirmation. This message will contain a website link that will give you all current challenge accountability groups. Follow the list and request to join the group you purchased!
*YOU are responsible for clicking your group link and requesting to join. You will not be reminded or prompted to do so.



If the challenger is not in Milky Fitness, they will still need to message the “Milky Fitness LLC” page their order number. They will also need to request to join their group on their own accord. 

Men with the accountability group will also be responsible for clicking the group links tab to request their group.

Once you join the group, there will be all need to know info; 

- Required items
- When and how to send your stats
- Supplement info and question threads
- Need to know details on when the meal plans, grocery list and work out plans are released, etc.


If you have a Spouse Add-On (without the group), they will have their info sent in with yours. They do not need to message their order number. If your spouse has purchased the Correspondence Add-On (with the group), they must message their order number independently to the Milky Fitness LLC page so we can add them accordingly when the time comes!


*If you change your name on Facebook after purchasing, please let us know so we can have it reflect on our roster. Otherwise you risk delay to being added to the group if we cannot find you due to a name change.*

You can pre-read your group's ebook, here!

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