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About Us

We are Habitual Fitness- a veteran owned business devoted to teaching and guiding you through establishing healthy, sustainable, lifestyle changes- that become a habit! We are the coaching entity that offers monthly challenge groups, macronutrient coaching, workout plans, and 1:1 lifestyle coaching. 

We also own Milky Fitness! Milky Fitness is a free, pre/post natal fitness and nutrition group with a focus on breastfeeding. We concentrate on safe supplements, safe exercises and workouts postpartum, and most importantly how to diet and keep your milk supply. We also assist with postpartum weight loss/gain, and guidance regardless of lactation. Overall pre/postnatal health and wellness is our focus!

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If you are interested in our monthly challenge program, you can read about those here!

Meet Paul and Miranda

Paul Harris is a purposeful and motivated fitness enthusiast of over 12 years,
husband, father of two, and veteran. His passion began with his military service,
making his impression on his junior Marines, molding them into better leaders
themselves, and using physical fitness as a way to mentor and bond with those
under his charge. He began his fitness journey with the ISSA with only the intention

of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer- however, he quickly realized this is where

his heart was at. Shortly after his certification, he went on and earned his degree

in Exercise Science. Paul prides himself on his vast knowledge in training- he strives

to help members at any stage in their fitness journeys and steers them in the right


Miranda Harris is a hardworking and passionate veteran, wife, mother of two, and fitness

enthusiast of 10 years. During her Marine Corps career, helping females meet physical

standards in a male-dominated world, she discovered her aptitude for mentoring and

encouragement. Miranda grew in skill and strength during her prenatal journey while

personal training part-time at a local gym. Eventually, she shifted to independent coaching

with just a few pieces of equipment in the garage. Surrounded by excitement and joy,

Miranda prepared herself for an even more rewarding journey once their first child was born.

Newly postpartum, struggling with breastfeeding, body image, and mental health- she quickly
realized how lonely and under-supported the other side of the delivery room can be. Thinking

quickly, this driven momma continued her education and went on to create a space for

women at all points in their childbearing voyages. Offering love, motivation, encouragement,

empathy, and the perfect amount of push- she quickly rose to the occasion. She strives

to break the stigma of maintaining an active fit pregnancy and continuing on to weight

loss/weight gain during their breastfeeding journeys. Living her dream, Miranda is

wholeheartedly and selflessly committed to her clients, her family, and her brand.

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