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Group Guidelines/Rules/Expectations!

-When you submit your group join request- you will be accepted into your group the weekend before your "two weeks prior" date! Your request will stay "pending" until this point, so make sure you pay attention to your groups start date!
-Upon joining your group there will be a post at the very top of the announcements- it is labeled "Read Me!" This post contains ALL details pertinent to how your group operates! It has your start/end date, HOW to submit your important info (your stats so we can assign a plan to you!), rules and guidelines, information on WHEN you will receive your plan, and further guidance on office hours and workout plans.
-PLEASE submit your info FIRST the day you join your group before doing ANYTHING else. You will be accepted in on a Friday and those stats are due no later than the following Tuesday. Please do not submit prior to being accepted as we need your info as current as possible! Your info will go directly to the page linked HERE. Please do not confuse this with the Milky Fitness LLC page - that page is strictly for order numbers/refunds/roster matters. 


-After your info is submitted to the Habitual Fitness LLC page, you should spend some time in our group files! At the top of your group there is a bar of gray hyperlinks to "Announcements", "Files", "Photos" etc. Click on the announcements or "featured" first and read through the ebook in its entirety! 
Once your group begins, you will see it moves FAST. IF the group is overwhelming or you feel like you cannot keep up with posts, simply click the announcements. ANYTHING that is important or coming directly from the Habitual Fitness Team, will be pinned here. If you ONLY use this tab and ignore the rest of the group, you will still succeed!

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