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August Group 2: 8/12 - 9/8

Meal guide:
based on your individual caloric needs (there is a video in the announcements that breaks down the plans and how they look assigned by caloric brackets.)

Workout plan: gym, home, AND youtube based are all uploaded into the group for you! (working out is not required (we calculate your calories to reflect your need))

Grocery list: Fill in the blank format

Q+A with the owners and creator of Milky Fitness

How-to example document for your home workouts

Recipes that are meal plan/family friendly

FAQ to help guide you through the journey

Substitution list to appease even the pickiest of eaters and assist with allergies

Private accountability group to track progress, share photos/recipes, and support for the duration of your challenge group dates!

***Lactation Support- WITH Added cost ($15 if added now, OR $20 a-la-carte later! We have an IBCLC on our team to help assist with any milk supply concerns! (Can only be used within the dates of your challenge group!



*This challenge is not one on one coaching. We will not answer private messages pertaining to swaps due to preference. All communication will be made through the group directly on a more general basis. Office hours will be enforced for communication.

*Once purchased, you must message Milky Fitness LLC (facebook page) your order number. If you do not follow the instructions to be added to your group or fail to make contact with us- you will miss out. Much like a gym membership, you pay us to hold your space. Whether or not you choose to “use it”, is entirely your choice.

*Do not purchase this product if you have any underlying medical conditions that can hinder your ability to follow a meal guide- We cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions. If you have any condition that hinders your ability to lose/gain weight and requires medication, you will be asked to sign a waiver, or be removed from the program. This also includes gastric sleeves or thyroid related matters.

*We do NOT have vegetarian options! You cannot sub out meat protein options for vegetarian ones. 

Group 2 August Challenge

  • This product is non-refundable. 

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