This plan is for PREVIOUS CHALLENGERS ONLY! This is NOT currently a continuation of our "Your Choice" 4 Week Program.

Please send your order number to Milky Fitness LLC after you purchase! All correspondence for Archived Plans should remain in the Milky Fitness LLC page messages to ensure the fastest response and preventing your message from being lost in the messages from active challenge participants.

What are the Archived Plans?These are 1/2 Priced Archived Meal Plans ($50) - meaning from previous challenge groups for returners only that missed the upcoming groups! This plan can be any month of your choice that you have not yet done. You will simply choose the month that appeals to you from the items listed on the product description and put it on your intake form when you purchase the product. This product does not come with any additional guidance or correspondence coaching- it is the plan only. You need to make sure your accurate email is attached to your order to receive. Please make sure you are accurate with your activity level, and nursing calories as this will be the only plan you will receive- no adjustments will be available. Once purchased- your plan will be emailed to you at the email listed while checking out from You will receive your plan within 10 days of purchase.**Please do not reach out prior to the 10 days!

Archived Meal Plan (one month)

  • This product is Non-Refundable

  • You will not be able to adjust your stats once submitted. Your plan will be based off of your submitted stats. IF you purchase too early and your stats change, we cannot change this without an additional fee of $10.