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We are Paul and Miranda Harris. We are a team that thrives on the success of incorporating health and nutrition into daily life. During our time in the Marine Corps, our love for fitness and nutrition was born.  We are both certified through the ISSA and became business owners in 2018 after realizing how much we each enjoyed helping our peers. Habitual Fitness became our baby because we truly believe that healthy living should be a habit, not a chore.

We began with meal prepping, personal training, meal plan guidance, and training plan guidance. Upon the birth of our daughter, we realized how much post partum support for dieting was lacking. We expanded our education and began our journey to switch our focus from competition preps, to post partum care with the creation of Milky Fitness.

When it comes to experience- we have it all and we have done it all!
We offer assistance with: Weight gaining, weight loss, post partum weight loss, breastfeeding support, safe supplement usage, diastasis recovery, c section recovery, competition preps, PFT and CFT Military Fitness testing preparation, and general health and lifestyle improvement. 



Our personal training packages start at one session, and are able to purchased in large quantities as well. 

During your one hour session we will put your body to the test.

We take after functional style training, and will start out slow to gauge your level of fitness. 

During these sessions, we will also teach you the fundamentals of muscle movement. This will help improve your quality of lifts, which ultimately reduces your risk of injury. 

            GROUP TRAINING


This is a great time for you to workout with friends or the whole family. This is essentially our personal training but with up to (3) three of you. This comes at a discounted rate per person, and can be found on our bookings page above. 

Being able to workout, and be with your friends and family is the best of both worlds. We can offer services for all ages as well, and have access to park across the street. 



We stand by the 80% nutrition and 20% training aspect in the fitness world. This can range from losing 5 pounds of fat over the course of the spring, or getting ready for a competition. We offer all services and are usually included in our transformation packages. 

Our Nutritional Advice takes you to the next step, and can be formed in a couple different ways. 

We can offer you meal by meal guidance, or If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM). Either way we will give you an essential key to success, and provide follow on information throughout your transformation.

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