We must discuss your participation first, prior to purchasing than set you up to fail before starting. You can reach out to milkyfitnessllc@gmail.com to see if you would be a good candidate!

What is included?

  • 4 Week Meal Plan (broken into 2 combinations of Week 1+3 mirrored, and Weeks 2+4 mirrored)!
    This is calculated to YOUR need and YOUR body. We will intake your "stats", calculate your caloric need, and assign a plan to you, accordingly!
  • Grocery List (Jan '21 - July '21 have it pre- calculated, Aug '21 - December '21- Fill in the blank format).
  • Recipe File for recipes on your plan.
  • Full Ebook featuring a FAQ, Meal prepping tips, Supplement Assistance, Meal Trackers, Measurement trackers, Journal pages, and extra information if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Gym Workout Plan
  • Home Workout Plan
  • "Virtual" Workout Plan with youtube video suggestions to watch and follow!
  • Up to 2 Emails per week! These can be used for advice, suggestions, questions, just "checking in", and discussing goals. 
  • One Adjustment if necessary. This would be utilized if you have an injury or illness and need to have your plan changed based on your workout level changing. For example moving from 3 workouts to 0. I would recommend starting small! You can always request an adjustment for an increase once you get the hang of things! If you utilize this option, you MUST submit your adjustment request within 21 days of your purchase. 

Please Read ALL Details Below!

This plan can be any month of your choice that is listed in the above photo. You will simply choose the month that appeals to you from the items listed on the product photo and select that month from the drop down on your menu when filling in your information. 
Please make sure you are accurate with your activity level. We base a "workout" off of 45 minutes of constant movement with an elevated heart rate or "sweat/fatigue". Please be as descriptive as possible. If it is a walk, please specify "One 30 minute brisk walk" etc. You are only able to receive ONE adjustment to your plan activity level if due to injury/illness etc, and this MUST be submitted within 21 days of your purchase date or we cannot honor the adjustment request. You will need to re-purchase a new plan. 

Once purchased- your plan will be emailed to you at the email listed on your contact form within 7 days of purchase. All correspondence for this program should remain via email to milkyfitnessllc@gmail.com. 

*Medical Disclaimer:
If you have any underlying medical conditions that hinder your ability to lose/gain weight and/or requires medication, please do not purchase unless you are agreeing that continuing is at your own risk/discretion. This also includes gastric sleeve surgeries and thyroid related matters. We cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions. IF you need a very personalized plan due to dietary restriction or specifications, we do not recommend you purchase this product. 
But Why?
This is not what we are here for. We are not doctors. We are not RD's. We cannot diagnose, treat, or cure. If you want to learn your caloric need, and a well rounded guide that still incorporates our favorite foods, this is perfect for you. If you just want to get on track and treat your body better, this is perfect for you. We have several women that do very well and their doctors encourage that they stay with the program, others say thank you and don't sign up. Either way- your journey is entirely out of our hands. We can set you up for success in a deficit to lose the weight, but we cannot promise it will work for you, especially when medication is involved.  If you purchased, there is a release of liability in the "check box" entry of terms and conditions before checking out. 

We would rather discuss first, than set you up to fail before starting. You can reach out to milkyfitnessllc@gmail.com to see if you would be a good candidate!

"Create your Habit" 4 Week Transformation

  • This product is Non-Refundable once the email has been sent as services have been rendered.