This will be a men's group- just like the female structure. If your spouse is a female- they will be added to the women's group.
This CANNOT be the challenge participants parent- a spouse only. 
Group 2 Includes:

Oct G2 10/17-11/13
Nov Group 2 11/14-12/11
Dec Group 2 12/12-1/8

They will get the same plan as you so you can prep together BUT, they will get one adjustment as needed, and additional correspondence coached by Master Trainer Paul Harris. He will help them fine tune their goals in a male aspect. Paul will use the group to educate and guide. It will mimic the women's side of the program, but 100% tailored to man talk and man goals and man supplements!
This will include your meal guide based on your individual caloric needs, a workout plan for at the gym as well as at home, Q+A with the owners and creator of Milky Fitness, how-to examples for your workouts, limited recipes that are meal plan friendly, an FAQ to help guide you through the journey, a list of substitutions to appease even the pickiest of eaters (**We do not cater to preferences, you will be responsible for any swapping due to not liking an item** ), and- a private accountability group to track progress, share photos/recipes, and support!

*This challenge is not one on one- Paul and Miranda will not answer private messages pertaining to swaps or substitutions on the meal plan. All communication will be made through the group directly on a more general basis. Office hours will be enforced for communication. *MAKE SURE YOU MESSAGE Milky Fitness LLC VIA FACEBOOK AS SOON YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER.

*The creation of private accountability groups as "spin offs" or continuation of Habitual Fitness Challenge groups are not permitted.*When you purchased this challenge, you agreed to not distribute, share, or post your meal plans or ANY challenge material to anyone or post it anywhere. Violation of this agreement will have you removed from this group as well as banned from Milky Fitness.**We no longer offer vegetarian plans, but we do offer dairy free, and gluten free meal substitutions.* *We are not Registered Dietitians- certified in Nutrition, yes, but not certified nutritionists. Do NOT purchase if you have any underlying medical conditions.* ONE add on per challenge member!

Group 2, 3 Month Spouse Add-on WITH Group

  • This product is non refundable.