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Terms and Conditions: Because our roster space is pre-sold for set amounts, this program is non-refundable. Purchasing and then backing out, prevents someone else from being able to have the space you took due to timing constraints and inability to recoup that loss. Much like a gym membership, you pay for your space to be held- whether or not you choose to walk through the door. Furthermore, the challenge groups are archived within 2 weeks of the Group "end" date as listed on the product description and pinned post. No further access, posts, questions, messages or communication for that group is warranted once the group has been archived as our program is constantly moving forward. The creation of private accountability groups as "spin offs" or continuation of Habitual Fitness Challenge groups are not permitted. Legally, it's a liability on our business, our insurance, your safety, and our trademark. Creating additional groups is an infringement on our trademark of our business and challenge groups, as well as holds us liable. Please utilize Milky Fitness as you continue your journey. When you purchase this challenge, you agree to not distribute, share, or post your meal plans or ANY material to anyone or post it anywhere. Violation of this agreement is not only unethical- but will have you removed from this group as well as banned from Milky Fitness. You will be banned from any participation, face legal action, and will be removed without refund.  Please respect our work and small business. This includes sending your materials to any friends or "alternate professionals" to "review". We foster a positive and loving environment. If you disrupt the positive environment with debate, disrespect towards other members and/or moderators, or causing general discontent within the group- you will be removed without refund at owners discretion. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to accepting any liability relative to medical conditions and or health concern associated with following a meal guide. This purchase is entirely at your discretion.  The agreement to the above terms is legally binding upon purchase.

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